Expertise in launching innovative medical products:

• Market analysis, competitive analysis, positioning, strategy, pricing, registration, clinical surveillance, pre-launch, launch

• Experience from cooperation with major pharmaceutical and medical devices companies: Lek d.d., Wyeth Lederle, Janssen-Cilag, Pliva Lachema, Zentiva, Medtronic, GlaxoSmithKline, Alcon, BBraun, Sanofi Pasteur

• Thorough knowledge of Czech medical market

• Connected with health care authorities and medical societies throughout Czech Republic

• Expansion abroad with main focus on India and U.A.E.


Successful projects:

New launches of products from fields of

• infectious diseases (antibiotics)
• gynecology (hormone replacement therapy)
• gastrointestinal segment (prokinetic drug -re-launch)
• oncology (re-launch)
• cardiology (statins, antihypertensives)
• diabetology (insulins, PAD)
• intervention cardiology (stents, catheters, grafts)
• obesitology
• nephrology (dialysis machines and devices)
• vaccines

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Expertise in introducing innovative technology in hospitals:

• Introduction of 1st software transferring spoken word into written into University hospitals in Czech Republic(1st used in pathology department to describe findings during dissection)

• Co-founding 1st Experimental Laboratory for Interventional cardiology and radiology in Brno, Czech Republic



  • image008Knowledge working with health care authorities – Ministry of Health, National Health Institute, Health Insurance companies etc.
  • Help organize focus groups, round tables and advisory boards with major stakeholders with focus on public health programs.




Successful projects:

  • International advisory board for Management of gastrointestinal reflux disease
  • International advisory board for Management of acute myocardial infarction
  • Round table for Management of influenza vaccination in at-risk group


Public health is closely connected with healthy environment, especially drinking water supply and proper waste management. Problems in both areas have direct negative effect on public health. We are able to bring solutions to countries, where these areas are affected.



image009WASTE TO ENERGY: The conversion of municipal solid waste to energy can conserve more valuable fuels and improve the environment by lessening the amount of waste that must be landfilled, thus conserving energy and natural resources. Our primary focus is India, where the “clean India” campaign has been launched, and we believe we can connect European producers of effective technology with Indian counterparts.



image010DRINKING WATER SOLUTIONS: Drinking water supply and sanitation in developing countries continue to be inadequate, especially in rural areas. In cooperation with a Czech producer we are able to bring effective solution to individuals as well as communities through simple but highly efficacious mobile water filtering machines without using chemicals.


image012Detailed knowledge of the Czech medical market help provide the best solution for distributing your products to pharmacies or directly to doctors and hospitals. We provide full service starting from registering the products, suggesting pricing, proposing reimbursement and launching the product on the Czech market. Distribution may be expanded abroad to central European countries, India and U.A.E.



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